I’ve come to the long road of acceptance

After following realizations to its end,
Turning right or left, direction is no concern
I accept that change is not just inevitable or necessary;
in light or dark, it is.

Change is the only sure model we have.
Now in current, and in its next something will be different: becoming.
More sophisticated, complex – though simple to the wise eye of experience.

Still, it is no easier, always a challenge.
A push and pull of cosmic proportions,
scaling up to the highest, and down again to nothingness.

Change is a constant effort.
As soon as you are settled, you must already be on course to start again.
Each second to minutes, hours into days; with every breath you take.
Thought cannot dwell. It must become.
Anything stagnant in this dynamic universe will fade.

Momento mori, even the greatest stars know change.


  1. NotebookM by Lanny Morgnanesi · October 4, 2014

    Thank you for following my blog at NotebookM.com. Your message here is a strong one. Best of luck with your continued work.


  2. themofman · November 1, 2014

    Very creatively graphed. It reminds me of that which is used in quantum physics to conceive time travel and alternate histories; very much related to change or changes.


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