What’s Important?

I tried to answer this immediately.
I realized giving an answer to this question
immediately wasn’t that important.
That’s preposterous!
It’s the damn title of the post!
How could it not be immediately important?

Honestly I couldn’t answer it right away.
I realized that even if I had, a majority of people wouldn’t have heard my answer.
What do I mean they wouldn’t have heard it?
It’d be right there for them to read over and over.

I’m not calling anyone dumb.
I’m pointing out that we all have way too many thoughts
buzzing and zipping around in our head.
Have you ever sat down to have a meal in the morning?
Of course you have.

What goes on in your head?
“This tastes pretty good.”
“Imagine if I won the lottery?”
“I’ll die if I don’t eat food.”
“What am I doing?”
“Money, glory, and power.”
“Oh shit, breathe.”
“This table is blue.”
“Remember to breathe.”
“I don’t think the universe understands me.”
“Do you understand me!?”
“What the hell is today?”
“Why are beds so comfortable?”
“I’m not going to be the idiot today.”
“How did my life end up like this?”

It goes on and on.
It continues even as you move from location to location throughout the day.
So what am I getting at? I haven’t told you what’s important yet.
Clearly I’ve wasted everyone’s time here
by filling their head with my own selfish thoughts.

Well what does important mean? I’d say it is defined as having a high level of affect on a course of events or the nature of things. That is to say that when something is important it holds intrinsic value, or an inherent high level of meaning to a process, experience, life, person, etc.

So if I stated that Oxygen was important to life I’d be correct. WRONG.
What why? There is life on this planet that exists without the use of Oxygen that’s why!
Oh give me a break man. No! Importance is relative. Of course this all depends on the individual. We all see different things as important. So this whole time you’ve been telling me that the answer to “What’s Important?” is relative?
Yes that is exactly what I’ve been up to.

This just became impossible difficult.
Yes you have to take some responsibility (OWNERSHIP!) and decide what is important, relative to your life. I’ll start you off with breathing. Yes don’t forget that is important.

On a serious note! In my next post we can examine
some deeper points to ‘What’s Important?”

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  1. lizziearias · October 15, 2014

    You are funny I enjoyed this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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