Swimming in the River of Importance

In my previous post I discussed how what’s important is RELATIVE TO YOU. Maybe some people were hoping for me to answer that question for them. This is the let down. I can’t ultimately answer that for anyone.

I can take you through the perspective that at the current moment is mine*
This may or may not be useful to you. You may have it all figured out. In either case I congratulate you. You’ve succeeded at something. You can decide if it’s a good thing. This river of importance stuff is a lot deeper than it seems. Yes you’ve been warned. It wasn’t the tip of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.
*All things subject to change.

Here we are. Individually swimming in the river of importance. You’re swimming in your river. I’m swimming in mine. Someone else may be drowning in theirs or drifting along on a raft. Now hold up. I thought you said we were the water and anything that helped us flow was important! Now you’re saying we’re swimming and some people may even be drowning? Who the hell has a raft?

This is where it gets a little ‘meta’
See we’re all in our own river of importance, but at the same time we all co-create a bigger river of importance. When I say we are ‘swimming’ I mean to say, as individual water droplets/molecules/etc flow in a river and make up the flow, they also swim in that river. So they simultaneously create the flow together, and swim in the flow. Likewise for us as part of the big river.

Now step back. Let’s all stand on the bank of this crazy river before anything gets too wild.
There is this big river of importance. It flows. Inside it are smaller rivers of importance (You and me) that flow/swim. On another level our individual rivers of importance are made up of water drops that flow/swim. This is similar to the layers of an onion. Just imagine a river with different currents all flowing together.

The river is contained by two banks. That’s because all the valuables, all that is important to us is within it (These banks don’t necessarily hold any cash!). Ask yourself what helps you flow? I’ll give you an easy one. Your health! Mental and physical both equally important. Beautiful food you can enjoy! Keeps you alive and healthy. Ironically water is also in the river of importance. Those are pretty straight forward.

What about relating to others? Yes of course. That’s all ‘in’ the river of importance, however it is present in the way you and I flow together in the ‘bigger’ river. Poor relating with others can drain us, or it can bloat our rivers out of balance. There are scenarios where people do not realize how they negatively affect others. This can lead to a destructive current for their river of importance.
That can be examined at a later date.

Now tell me this… You haven’t talked very much about material possessions man! Aren’t these things important? Well remember I can only give you my perspective. Given your situation there are material things that are required to a degree. It’s up to you to decide what is or isn’t. It all depends on how you want to live. Some might call it the lifestyle you choose. Remember importance is relevant to the individual. There are layers to all that too! Maybe a car is relevant if you want to work a certain job. The type of car? Again you decide what’s important. We make sacrifices. You can’t focus on every aspect. You can only pick what’s IMPORTANT and do your best.

I am proposing to you that material things at the core don’t hold the most significant value. Now if you enjoy rocking a sweet outfit, that’s chill. Nothing wrong with wearing some hip threads. Just try to remember what’s important. Don’t let these things crowd your river. If they fill it up, you won’t be able to flow your best. As long as you are healthy and finding some meaning in your situation you are likely to be doing great.



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