How to Reclaim Your ‘Self’ !

I’ll try to keep this brief. “This is so important though, why are you only briefing me!” I’m not trying to run your life. I’m only giving you things to consider in a way you might not have. My perspective. YOU still have to decide what’s relative for your life. You may even find better steps on your own journey. If you do… Please share them so I can refine my perspective!

Sometimes you might feel like you’re floating around. Being bombarded by countless things vying for a piece of you. Lost in a sea of information. Well that’s because you are. What? “I’m not floating!” I’m clearly sitting.

I’ll clarify. Let’s simplify life down to the river of importance which I talked about previously.
Remove all distances, spatial relationships, time, etc. This allows us to pull out some of the sensory data and process all the information in a more manageable state. Imagine all the data of life put into a massive pool. It’s all part of the body of water.

A giant pool of stuff. Your relationships, your things, tasks, work, goals, thoughts, feelings, desires, advertising, etc. This pool seems pretty crowded. Can you swim easily in this pool? Is there a flow? Can you create a current to help you move more easily in the direction you choose? The answer is probably no. Not really. All the stuff is going to preclude that from taking place. Now lets add the STRESSES of poor relationships, self doubt, sense of entitlement, etc.

Yes I’m evil, let’s tie all that stuff to your limbs. (Really it would be ‘tied’ to your mental state) You aren’t going to go anywhere efficiently with all that ‘weight’ restricting you. Imagine your mind as a computer processing a hundred tabs. You know what happens when you do that (Yes I’m talking to you). The halting to a slow and errors that can occur. All the stuff in the pool you have to navigate and manage. It becomes rather difficult to just breathe.

“Now that you put it that way it kind of makes sense!”

You are not any of those things. You are not all that stuff. You aren’t your self doubt. You aren’t the things you buy. You aren’t the things society tells you. You are you. There is a self in there that feels good when it lives out what it feels. When it creates! Remember all these things are vying for a piece of you because they don’t get it unless you give it.

Yes there is a you underneath all that stuff! You exist independent of all of it! You are not your broken relationships, clothes, financial stability, number of friends, popularity, car, job, or anything. You are you! The real you is under all that. If you don’t love you, all those things can end up causing harm. You try to fix it by replacing it with other stuff! Then that doesn’t work either! Nothing will take the place of your self. Being comfortable in your center is the secret. How comfortable you are there, will vastly affect all those other things.

Steps to reclaiming your self!

1. You need to sit down and breathe.

Wow breathing comes into a lot of this doesn’t it? Yes. It will bring you back from wherever you are, and get you wherever you need to go.  Go ahead, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Inhale and exhale. Try it.

2. Start pinpointing all the Negative thoughts you have.
(I know you’ve noticed some of already)

This may be overwhelming. If it is necessary, write them down and build a list. Go ahead. You need to dismantle these thoughts. You must replace them with positive messages of self love. You must realize that these negatives are not you. Examine where they may have come from. Understand that you are something much brighter and beautiful than society has told you. Society at large has labeled us in ways we never asked for without our permission. We were forced to swallow them. To wear the ‘shame’ that was imposed on us. To hide what never was an issue.

3. You need to ask ITGFM?

IS THIS GOOD FOR ME? Start with your thumb and count five words. Is this good for me? If it isn’t a quick yes. You need to examine the situation. You might be able to correct it with the help of others or simply adjusting your own approach. If not… You need to cut it out. It isn’t you.

4. Start creating!

What do you mean create? Like make dinner? (Something I need start doing more) Not exactly what I mean. I’m saying to find what motivates you. Something you always wanted to do. A musical instrument? Painting? Building stuff? Taking photographs? Writing? Nature hikes? That is for you to decide. YOU need to unleash yourself!

Really it is that simple. Easier said than done, but one of the most rewarding things to do. Seizing the real treasure hidden in the cave of heroes! Yes, the real you is the only treasure any hero ever need to find. Go forth heroes! Find yourself! You can do it.

One comment

  1. Juliana Lightle · February 23, 2015

    Glad you like my haiku. Some people seem to “know” who they are from the beginning. Some of the poems in my book of poetry published last spring talk about being who you are. I think some I posted on my blog when I first started blogging three years ago. You might like them. Stick with it.


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