A Phenomenal Skill for Success and Growth

We need to define success first. So What is it? You could easily call success a whole slew of things. Jordan Belfort claims he doesn’t feel successful unless he is making upwards of $49 million dollars a year. For others money isn’t the crux of their success. That is to say success varies from individual to individual.

So what is success? The secret to success? It’s that success can be whatever you decide. Here we go again. More responsibility. You can handle it though.

Getting up before a certain time, staying positive throughout the day, and keeping your stress level to a minimum; All these things can be great successes. Again it is up to you to decide what is relative to your life.

I woke up at 6 am today and got to most of my morning routine. For me that is a step in the right direction and a success. If you have goals you are looking to accomplish it starts with building momentum. Framing your perspective to celebrate even the small things as victories in your life is a powerful tool. They may not be monumental, but they certainly keep your head up and looking for the positives.

Remember that at some point using the bathroom was a celebrated moment for you. Why would the little things that move us in the right direction of our larger ambitions be overlooked? Without them we wouldn’t be making progress. Yes progress is a success!

Go ahead and determine some small victories or ‘short term wins’ that can build positive momentum and reinforce the path to success you are traveling. I promise it will help a ton in the long run. Write them down. Communicate them to yourself. Don’t be afraid to feel good about the little things you do.

In some of my following posts I will examine more great skills for success, as well as a best practice for acting as a ‘change’ agent.

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