Folding Under Pressure

It happens, and it’s always when we could really use our walls to stand strong. But does that mean we are doomed to live out our lives in the shadows of the mangled ruins?

It depends.

It depends upon the choices you make following the collapse. You can either blame and complain or reflect and grow. I assure you that If you don’t look to reflect and grow, then you will – long from now – find yourself excavating the same old ruins.

So what does it mean to fold under pressure? Well we aren’t exactly taking the route of picnic tables and chairs. The term folding under pressure translates into  a collapse, or cave in, when pressures on the outside, combined with a weakness in the internal structure’s integrity result in acting out of character; Usually in a way that is not the ideal becoming.

This kind of thing happens. We are not perfect, no matter how much we aim for that elusive stag. We can however learn from our collapse, reevaluate and rebuild greater strength for the future. This is what life is about. Re-calibrating, and improving –GROWTH in all caps!

If  you’ve wound up folding, and falling out of character, or into a position you didn’t intend to ever come into, you can always reorient yourself and grow with the new insights taken from the experience. Maybe it doesn’t feel good initially, but your intent to grow with new light is the hallmark of life.

Diamonds are formed under pressure after all!