Tragedy of Achievements

It is a tragedy when we constantly overshadow achievements because we’ve inundated a specific channel; It can hold water up to the ceiling, so it should right?

It is easy to overlook; forgetting the importance one plays in a role, or the victory attained by even the smallest of tasks. But isn’t timing everything? How can one accomplish every bit alone? Without the gatherer how can the builder construct what the visionary has planned? It doesn’t happen alone, nor does anything achieved truly happen without others. This is not to say someone deserves all the same glory or spoils as the true laborer. No, not at all – But not none at all either! It takes very little to make it understood that it was done with support of others, that even though not of great significance in the grand scheme, still deserves the warmth of light of gratitude. The time frame was achieved together. The willingness to show that gratitude takes a graciousness that speaks depths of a character.

And character, after all, is the story of your entirety. Will it be a tragedy of achievements, or will it an epic performance? One that, from whatever gods there are, will deserve a spirited ovation, a sure nod for respect given.


*I spelled achievements wrong* how embarrassing