Long-Term, Short Term; Goals

In this post I’d like to briefly discuss – Goals – of any significance usually require effort over a period of time towards a task or feat we’d like to accomplish.

You of course get to decide what your goals are! – But from my experience, the best way to achieve those goals is to give yourself stepping stones to reach them. And this is where we signify the endurance.

Don’t a string of short term tasks add up to long term? Yes.

More importantly, long-term is a vision of the future built on a foundation of successful short-term goals. In other words, short term wins are essential to the goal achieving process.

By planning and taking those steps, we create a dialogue of subtle pressure which points us in the right direction.

Try this: Identify your current goals. Make them manageable by creating a series of more easily obtainable goals that act as stepping stones along the way to your ultimate goal.
Perhaps you have a year long goal – In this case try setting yourself quarterly goals that keep you on track and gauge progress towards the year end goal.

Whatever your goals, breaking them up in this way can be a big help!


*Short term wins are short term goals, designed to be easily obtainable, to build your momentum on the road towards the peak of the mountain.

*Long term goals




  1. itsvishakha · January 2, 2017

    This is certainly very helpful. Thank you for lighting things

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