A World Born of Merit

You’ve heard it before – work hard and you’ll go far.

But when you look around it doesn’t seem to add up.

You clocked in every day and did what you were told.
You even got better, and improved some processes!
But you still aren’t seeing the fabled land of success.

The truth is… Hard work isn’t enough. It isn’t even the number 1 determinant.
And it’s not because life isn’t fair, which it isn’t. 
Hard work just doesn’t cut it.
Without persistence it doesn’t measure up to anything.

But you’ve done it. And you’ve done it again. You show up.
Why haven’t you reached the shores of success?

While not everyone can show up and do the work persistently,
Even fewer can figure out how to leverage their work and persistence.

You’ve heard that before – WORK SMARTER

Because it is true! You’re not thinking big enough.
You’re not working SMARTER!

There are so many ways to leverage your work no matter what your job is. And it starts with looking at what you can learn in every interaction and process you experience.

The people skills, the positives, the negatives, reading between the lines, questioning practices which seem off to you, what you enjoy discussing in your down time, what you hear people talking about in the streets. It’s all about observing trends, and taking in as much as you can so you can cross apply knowledge

When you learn or experience something, there is a good chance that somewhere down the road it will apply to another situation.


The better you get at identifying this and navigating your experiences, the more success you will see when you start to piece together the bigger picture of your life.

For example: If an individual works at a pizza joint some might call that a dead end job.

They don’t see any value in the experience of working such a position. But imagine you are working this job. Your job is to often prep the kitchen, check inventory, keep the place clean, take orders both in person and over the phone, and make sure everyone is satisfied in their interactions with YOU & their experience is positive.

Organization is a big one, not to mention plenty of others like a sense of timing and customer service – mental agility, knowledge of food preparation; All these skills can really give an edge above people who have never had the experience. Handling pressure with a sense of urgency and care! Have you ever burned someone’s pizza and then had to de-escalate them when they showed up expecting it done? The list goes on.

It introduces you to many important skills which you can use to succeed and ultimately work smarter anywhere.

But only if you leverage them.

With all these skills you develop from this one job you can  look to work at perhaps more upscale restaurants and refine some of these skills to further develop yourself. You even start to understand what it takes to manage a place of your own, and gather an idea of what else you need to learn more about.

This is just a brief look at leveraging your work, with a focus on identifying skills and thinking about how each skill may be cross applied to other tasks.

It take more than developing skills to leverage your work, such as reading people, and effort, but it is a start. I promise if you don’t have a good array of honed skills, your leveraging won’t have the multiplying factor you’re seeking.

“Without leverage, a lot of things would seem impossible.”


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