Death to the Troll Box

Perhaps it was a thing too good for this Earth,

a place of good intention peppered with some evil eggs;

A wise eye giveth and the boom doth taketh away!

Where else on this earth could you go to the moon on a digibyte, or a doge, or a riecoin; 238,900 times per day your ticket was taking off, and if you had weak hands you lost.

Poloniex you’ve done something of a cruelty to this world

There was no greater spot to be, than a troll in the box; unless one had a bridge.

And now it is passed, the golden times has gone; but I say good days still lay ahead

Ahead we will only know, for better or for worse, how to hold our heads!


This is a lamentation written for the Troll Box on Poloniex as it was disabled indefinitely in order to relocate resources to more important matters. Arguably there were no matters above importance to what the Troll Box offered — but the Decision Maker has done just what it was they were chosen to do.



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