Get A Grip On It – Failure

       At some point most of us reach a place where we’re afraid to fail, where we instinctively avoid failure and stick only to what is placed in front of us or only what we’re good at.
This confines us and stifles us. We can be truly successful only at something we’re willing to fail at. If we’re unwilling to fail, then we’re unwilling to succeed.
      A lot of this failure comes from having chosen shitty values. For instance, if I measure myself by the standard “Make everyone I meet like me,” I will be anxious, because failure is 100 percent defined by the actions of others, not by my own actions. I am not in control; thus my self-worth is at the mercy of judgments by others.
      Whereas if I instead adopt the metric “Improve my social life,” I can live up to my value of “good relations with others” regardless of how other people respond to me. My self-worth is based on my own behavior and happiness.
Shitty values involve tangible external goals outside of our control. The pursuit of these goals causes great anxiety. And even if we manage to achieve them, they leave us feeling empty and lifeless, because once they’re achieved there are no more problems to solve.

Crypto-currencies; Blockchain Tech Boom

Since I last wrote on the subject Ethereum it has risen from $92.94 to a value of just over $251! more than doubled!

This is not the only cryptocurrency that has seen great growth. Coinbase added litecoin which grew and has held a stable price over the last month. There are many other coins on the crypto exchanges and I am looking into diversifying my holdings.

A couple coins I am watching keenly are Golem coin(GNT), Siacoin(SC), & NEM or New Economic Market (XEM). I think they show great promise and are all currently trading under 60 cents.

I will now outline the potential for a $1000 dollar investment in any of these.


The underlying concept of GNT is to utilize the blockchain technology to power a decentralized super computer for large projects that no one computer could process. All the computers on the network would complete the project and in turn receive a part of the fee paid to initiate it.

Currently Golem coin is trading at around 52 cents. A $1000 investment would purchase around 1900 Golem coins. if the price were to rise to $3 dollars this would give you $5700 an increase of 470%. Since this project has much potential I see it easily becoming worth $3 dollars or more.

The concept of Siacoin (SC) is decentralized cloud storage. If you run the SC network and have free space, you can rent out the storage space on your computer for a fee. Because it is decentralized your information is not in the hands of any one person and is thus safe and secure. It also allows people to take advantage of memory resources not being utilized.

Currently SC is trading at around $0.014710. This may seem much lower but the reason is there is a larger number of coins in circulation – however this does not preclude siacoin from seeing a nice rise in value. A $1000 investment would purchase about 67,980 coins.  obviously if siacoin reached even $1 in value you would see your money returned to you in leagues and leagues.

Lastly NEM or new economic market (XEM) is what I believe to be one of the most well developed cryptos out there. If anything the value of the coin is overlooked for others due to lack of marketing and the huge hype of other less substantial coins.

Currently NEM trades at about $.2189 meaning a $1000 investment would purchase 4560 coins. If it were to reach a $1 you would see your money grow nearly 356%

Of course this is all speculation at the moment, but I’m putting my money where my mouth is and expect to see at least 50% growth in the next year or less.

If you have any questions on crypto currencies please feel free to ask me and I will tell you what I know.

There are hundreds of coins out there but I suggest strongly looking into any you might purchase and assess them for value based on underlying concept and development team behind them.

I use Coinbase to purchase initially, and then I like to make exchanges on Changelly.

As far as exchanges go – I utilize Poloniex, mainly to store some of the altcoins that don’t yet have a good mobile wallet app or desktop wallet. For example I bought coins on Coinbase, made an account on poloniex, made an exchange for coins on changelly, sent payment to changelly from coinbase, and had the GNT sent to poloniex for storage.

A little confusing for now, but I’m sure it will be made easier in months to come.

Death to the Troll Box

Perhaps it was a thing too good for this Earth,

a place of good intention peppered with some evil eggs;

A wise eye giveth and the boom doth taketh away!

Where else on this earth could you go to the moon on a digibyte, or a doge, or a riecoin; 238,900 times per day your ticket was taking off, and if you had weak hands you lost.

Poloniex you’ve done something of a cruelty to this world

There was no greater spot to be, than a troll in the box; unless one had a bridge.

And now it is passed, the golden times has gone; but I say good days still lay ahead

Ahead we will only know, for better or for worse, how to hold our heads!


This is a lamentation written for the Troll Box on Poloniex as it was disabled indefinitely in order to relocate resources to more important matters. Arguably there were no matters above importance to what the Troll Box offered — but the Decision Maker has done just what it was they were chosen to do.


Things Are Different In The Morning

As of this post Ether (The digital crypto-currency of the Ethereum network) has reached new heights. $92.94! Growing astronomically since January of this year from about $1.00. This follows from a constant overall growth trend in the crypto currency space – everything is going up. Speculation surrounding the SEC weighing a decision to approve a fund to be traded in ETH (Ether) is abound and if it does it is sure to send strong price growth incentives throughout the financial sector.

Where will it go? Will it continue to rise? Good chance it may. It will certainly be interesting to follow the roller coaster ride!

Ethereum – Don’t Be A Dinosaur

“It cannot be seized, it cannot be frozen, it cannot be censored; my transactions cannot be intercepted, and they cannot be stopped. And I can do so with almost complete anonymity and so can anyone, five minutes after they download an application.” – Andreas Antonopoulos

Today I’m writing about something a lot of you probably have no idea about.  If you do, then excellent!

We are in a different age. Money is printed at the whim of governments that control purchasing power. This control often leads to volatility and in turn has lead many to lose everything. Money backed by nothing. What if you could hold the keys to your own bank? Access to your money securely and instantly at any time of day – able to send it instantly to whomever you’d like for fractions of what it would cost through the banks of today – enter stage left Blockchain technology – decentralized banking. I won’t get completely into it but I will link you to a great video that may give you insight into why this is so incredible.

I urge you to look into and learn about crypto-currencies. One such crypto (for short) is Ethereum. It’s value has gone from( 1 Ether for $1 USD ) to ( 1 Ether = $60 USD ) in four (4)months. To understand what this means, if someone had bought $1000 USD worth of Ether in January, they would now have close to $60,000 USD. For the lucky who could afford to put say $20,000 into it, they would have nearly a Million dollars today.

But it is so much more than just that… It is the future of money, an evolution in the way we exchange value. And to watch it as it goes from infancy to flourish is a beautiful thing.


Let’s be clear. What happens from here on out is not luck – I’ve told you. It has value because of it’s merits, because of the message it sends, the capabilities structured into it’s design – it’s ease and efficiency, security. If you don’t see the value in tha

A World Born of Merit

You’ve heard it before – work hard and you’ll go far.

But when you look around it doesn’t seem to add up.

You clocked in every day and did what you were told.
You even got better, and improved some processes!
But you still aren’t seeing the fabled land of success.

The truth is… Hard work isn’t enough. It isn’t even the number 1 determinant.
And it’s not because life isn’t fair, which it isn’t. 
Hard work just doesn’t cut it.
Without persistence it doesn’t measure up to anything.

But you’ve done it. And you’ve done it again. You show up.
Why haven’t you reached the shores of success?

While not everyone can show up and do the work persistently,
Even fewer can figure out how to leverage their work and persistence.

You’ve heard that before – WORK SMARTER

Because it is true! You’re not thinking big enough.
You’re not working SMARTER!

There are so many ways to leverage your work no matter what your job is. And it starts with looking at what you can learn in every interaction and process you experience.

The people skills, the positives, the negatives, reading between the lines, questioning practices which seem off to you, what you enjoy discussing in your down time, what you hear people talking about in the streets. It’s all about observing trends, and taking in as much as you can so you can cross apply knowledge

When you learn or experience something, there is a good chance that somewhere down the road it will apply to another situation.


The better you get at identifying this and navigating your experiences, the more success you will see when you start to piece together the bigger picture of your life.

For example: If an individual works at a pizza joint some might call that a dead end job.

They don’t see any value in the experience of working such a position. But imagine you are working this job. Your job is to often prep the kitchen, check inventory, keep the place clean, take orders both in person and over the phone, and make sure everyone is satisfied in their interactions with YOU & their experience is positive.

Organization is a big one, not to mention plenty of others like a sense of timing and customer service – mental agility, knowledge of food preparation; All these skills can really give an edge above people who have never had the experience. Handling pressure with a sense of urgency and care! Have you ever burned someone’s pizza and then had to de-escalate them when they showed up expecting it done? The list goes on.

It introduces you to many important skills which you can use to succeed and ultimately work smarter anywhere.

But only if you leverage them.

With all these skills you develop from this one job you can  look to work at perhaps more upscale restaurants and refine some of these skills to further develop yourself. You even start to understand what it takes to manage a place of your own, and gather an idea of what else you need to learn more about.

This is just a brief look at leveraging your work, with a focus on identifying skills and thinking about how each skill may be cross applied to other tasks.

It take more than developing skills to leverage your work, such as reading people, and effort, but it is a start. I promise if you don’t have a good array of honed skills, your leveraging won’t have the multiplying factor you’re seeking.

“Without leverage, a lot of things would seem impossible.”

Long-Term, Short Term; Goals

In this post I’d like to briefly discuss – Goals – of any significance usually require effort over a period of time towards a task or feat we’d like to accomplish.

You of course get to decide what your goals are! – But from my experience, the best way to achieve those goals is to give yourself stepping stones to reach them. And this is where we signify the endurance.

Don’t a string of short term tasks add up to long term? Yes.

More importantly, long-term is a vision of the future built on a foundation of successful short-term goals. In other words, short term wins are essential to the goal achieving process.

By planning and taking those steps, we create a dialogue of subtle pressure which points us in the right direction.

Try this: Identify your current goals. Make them manageable by creating a series of more easily obtainable goals that act as stepping stones along the way to your ultimate goal.
Perhaps you have a year long goal – In this case try setting yourself quarterly goals that keep you on track and gauge progress towards the year end goal.

Whatever your goals, breaking them up in this way can be a big help!


*Short term wins are short term goals, designed to be easily obtainable, to build your momentum on the road towards the peak of the mountain.

*Long term goals


Tragedy of Achievements

It is a tragedy when we constantly overshadow achievements because we’ve inundated a specific channel; It can hold water up to the ceiling, so it should right?

It is easy to overlook; forgetting the importance one plays in a role, or the victory attained by even the smallest of tasks. But isn’t timing everything? How can one accomplish every bit alone? Without the gatherer how can the builder construct what the visionary has planned? It doesn’t happen alone, nor does anything achieved truly happen without others. This is not to say someone deserves all the same glory or spoils as the true laborer. No, not at all – But not none at all either! It takes very little to make it understood that it was done with support of others, that even though not of great significance in the grand scheme, still deserves the warmth of light of gratitude. The time frame was achieved together. The willingness to show that gratitude takes a graciousness that speaks depths of a character.

And character, after all, is the story of your entirety. Will it be a tragedy of achievements, or will it an epic performance? One that, from whatever gods there are, will deserve a spirited ovation, a sure nod for respect given.


*I spelled achievements wrong* how embarrassing

Attitude Is Everything

How are you approaching the day to day events in your life lately?

Are you swallowing them to get by, taking the hits, hoping it will get better as time eases the pains of reality?  If this is working for you, great!  Content isn’t so bad. But are you offering the world all it deserves out of you?

A lot of people wake up and go about their day with a negative, complacent, or quitters attitude. They think they understand everything; That they know all the answers. That they can just snap their figures and succeed. When things don’t work out to their delight, they get pissy because they want the world to be given with minimal effort.


You have to chase after what you want like the last train taking off. If you don’t get on that train, you will never get where you are trying to go. NEVER. Read it again.

In case you didn’t read it again: You have to chase after what you want like the last train taking off. If you don’t get on that train, you will never get where you are trying to go.


That’s right. Read a third time! It’s the last train. You have somewhere you really need to be. You are not on the train. The train is moving away from the station.
There will be no more trains to take you to your destination for the rest of your life.
What will you do?

Whatever it takes; Start chasing.
If that was your answer then good.

But most people aren’t serious about it. They say they are.
But when rubber hits the pavement, there is not a bit of traction.

The pretenders. The false faces. The self-deluding. The victims. The self doubters. They all lack one thing that could change everything for them. What is it? If you haven’t figured it out yet – Attitude – They simply don’t have the right one. Stop kidding around. The fools get hung at dawn. Are you going to do something or are you going to throw your hands up to the sky and wait for someone to pick you up and carry you away?


In following posts I will examine attitude more in depth in case you just haven’t had that break through we’re looking for yet!

Folding Under Pressure

It happens, and it’s always when we could really use our walls to stand strong. But does that mean we are doomed to live out our lives in the shadows of the mangled ruins?

It depends.

It depends upon the choices you make following the collapse. You can either blame and complain or reflect and grow. I assure you that If you don’t look to reflect and grow, then you will – long from now – find yourself excavating the same old ruins.

So what does it mean to fold under pressure? Well we aren’t exactly taking the route of picnic tables and chairs. The term folding under pressure translates into  a collapse, or cave in, when pressures on the outside, combined with a weakness in the internal structure’s integrity result in acting out of character; Usually in a way that is not the ideal becoming.

This kind of thing happens. We are not perfect, no matter how much we aim for that elusive stag. We can however learn from our collapse, reevaluate and rebuild greater strength for the future. This is what life is about. Re-calibrating, and improving –GROWTH in all caps!

If  you’ve wound up folding, and falling out of character, or into a position you didn’t intend to ever come into, you can always reorient yourself and grow with the new insights taken from the experience. Maybe it doesn’t feel good initially, but your intent to grow with new light is the hallmark of life.

Diamonds are formed under pressure after all!