Death to the Troll Box

Perhaps it was a thing too good for this Earth,

a place of good intention peppered with some evil eggs;

A wise eye giveth and the boom doth taketh away!

Where else on this earth could you go to the moon on a digibyte, or a doge, or a riecoin; 238,900 times per day your ticket was taking off, and if you had weak hands you lost.

Poloniex you’ve done something of a cruelty to this world

There was no greater spot to be, than a troll in the box; unless one had a bridge.

And now it is passed, the golden times has gone; but I say good days still lay ahead

Ahead we will only know, for better or for worse, how to hold our heads!


This is a lamentation written for the Troll Box on Poloniex as it was disabled indefinitely in order to relocate resources to more important matters. Arguably there were no matters above importance to what the Troll Box offered — but the Decision Maker has done just what it was they were chosen to do.


I Was Told Some Great Advice Once – But I Can’t Remember It

Advice comes and goes, in one ear and out the other. The best advice is the stuff we learn from our ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’ Ultimately these things, with proper reflection, make us better. It takes time to let it all soak in, and become the wisdom of the sage. Either way it doesn’t hurt to hear something here and there. It is after all up to you to make a choice.

Remember to align your thoughts with your actions. Step back and make sure you’re following the ‘right’ star. This is a lifelong voyage, and where you end up is on your shoulders. Listen to people actively. Listen to understand, not to respond. Show them you’ve listened. Remain chill. It’s a blessing to keep your calm. Don’t repeat your mistakes. Remember the lessons you’ve learned. Do everything you can in a day, but don’t expect to be perfect. You’ll improve. Be kind. You deserve it. Give yourself to others, but don’t give yourself away. Always look for what isn’t there. Look for what you did well, always the positives. Remind the good people in your life that you think of them. Try to help someone each day, even if all you can give at the time is a smile. The things that are difficult will pass. Keep your head up. Stay smiling. Stay in motion. Look to grow. Stay learning. Take a deep breath. Laugh it off. We’re all going to make it. Don’t forget how people looked out for you along the way. Be true to what you feel inside. Don’t deceive the honest. Show your heart. Express your soul. Create. Give life to this world! Restore your faith in humanity by way of your own deeds. You make it up just as much as anyone else. Conquer your fears, love yourself – you’re beautiful… You see what you pull out, so find the beauty.

I apologize for not finding time to create articles as often as I’d like, drawing, writing, and running multiple projects doesn’t leave much 🙂 In the meantime I hope this suffices. If not I do have other projects out there you may find entertaining…

How to Reclaim Your ‘Self’ !

I’ll try to keep this brief. “This is so important though, why are you only briefing me!” I’m not trying to run your life. I’m only giving you things to consider in a way you might not have. My perspective. YOU still have to decide what’s relative for your life. You may even find better steps on your own journey. If you do… Please share them so I can refine my perspective!

Sometimes you might feel like you’re floating around. Being bombarded by countless things vying for a piece of you. Lost in a sea of information. Well that’s because you are. What? “I’m not floating!” I’m clearly sitting.

I’ll clarify. Let’s simplify life down to the river of importance which I talked about previously.
Remove all distances, spatial relationships, time, etc. This allows us to pull out some of the sensory data and process all the information in a more manageable state. Imagine all the data of life put into a massive pool. It’s all part of the body of water.

A giant pool of stuff. Your relationships, your things, tasks, work, goals, thoughts, feelings, desires, advertising, etc. This pool seems pretty crowded. Can you swim easily in this pool? Is there a flow? Can you create a current to help you move more easily in the direction you choose? The answer is probably no. Not really. All the stuff is going to preclude that from taking place. Now lets add the STRESSES of poor relationships, self doubt, sense of entitlement, etc.

Yes I’m evil, let’s tie all that stuff to your limbs. (Really it would be ‘tied’ to your mental state) You aren’t going to go anywhere efficiently with all that ‘weight’ restricting you. Imagine your mind as a computer processing a hundred tabs. You know what happens when you do that (Yes I’m talking to you). The halting to a slow and errors that can occur. All the stuff in the pool you have to navigate and manage. It becomes rather difficult to just breathe.

“Now that you put it that way it kind of makes sense!”

You are not any of those things. You are not all that stuff. You aren’t your self doubt. You aren’t the things you buy. You aren’t the things society tells you. You are you. There is a self in there that feels good when it lives out what it feels. When it creates! Remember all these things are vying for a piece of you because they don’t get it unless you give it.

Yes there is a you underneath all that stuff! You exist independent of all of it! You are not your broken relationships, clothes, financial stability, number of friends, popularity, car, job, or anything. You are you! The real you is under all that. If you don’t love you, all those things can end up causing harm. You try to fix it by replacing it with other stuff! Then that doesn’t work either! Nothing will take the place of your self. Being comfortable in your center is the secret. How comfortable you are there, will vastly affect all those other things.

Steps to reclaiming your self!

1. You need to sit down and breathe.

Wow breathing comes into a lot of this doesn’t it? Yes. It will bring you back from wherever you are, and get you wherever you need to go.  Go ahead, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Inhale and exhale. Try it.

2. Start pinpointing all the Negative thoughts you have.
(I know you’ve noticed some of already)

This may be overwhelming. If it is necessary, write them down and build a list. Go ahead. You need to dismantle these thoughts. You must replace them with positive messages of self love. You must realize that these negatives are not you. Examine where they may have come from. Understand that you are something much brighter and beautiful than society has told you. Society at large has labeled us in ways we never asked for without our permission. We were forced to swallow them. To wear the ‘shame’ that was imposed on us. To hide what never was an issue.

3. You need to ask ITGFM?

IS THIS GOOD FOR ME? Start with your thumb and count five words. Is this good for me? If it isn’t a quick yes. You need to examine the situation. You might be able to correct it with the help of others or simply adjusting your own approach. If not… You need to cut it out. It isn’t you.

4. Start creating!

What do you mean create? Like make dinner? (Something I need start doing more) Not exactly what I mean. I’m saying to find what motivates you. Something you always wanted to do. A musical instrument? Painting? Building stuff? Taking photographs? Writing? Nature hikes? That is for you to decide. YOU need to unleash yourself!

Really it is that simple. Easier said than done, but one of the most rewarding things to do. Seizing the real treasure hidden in the cave of heroes! Yes, the real you is the only treasure any hero ever need to find. Go forth heroes! Find yourself! You can do it.

Let’s talk about love baby…

Let’s talk about all the good things that could be. Loving you. Self love. Self appreciation. You are beautiful. You are you. You are not here to be anyone else. All your life the institutions in place have made you forget that. Everything is constantly selling you on something other than your current position. I’m here to get you back to yourself. The only center that you should be trying to find. Once you can comfortably stand at your center you will find it much easier to improve any situation you are currently encountering.

Some people might be thinking, “Okay, love myself?” What do you mean I’m not myself? I love me, I am me, this is just nonsense!  That’s why I’d like to move our attention to the animal kingdom for a moment to examine this more closely. Let us look up to the birds in the sky. We see them majestically zooming and zipping about. What is it that makes everything they do seem so effortless?

What do you propose is on a bird’s mind?
“Who will love me?”
“What if I’m never happy?”
“I’m not good enough.”
“Why am I here?”
“I keep messing things up.”
“I can’t do this.”

Of course these are ridiculous questions for the bird to ask. The bird would never consider these things. The bird is the bird. The bird does not worry of this or that. The bird doesn’t talk down about itself or others. The bird merely does what the bird does.

“I will fly.”
“I will peck this section of ground.”
“I will land on this perch.”
“I will make a nest.”

I understand that the bird doesn’t have to deal with big issues. The bird doesn’t have bills (Ironically some do). It doesn’t have to worry about anyone judging it. It can just fly to some new place at any time. It’s not my intention to say those things are not issues. I am saying that the bird is itself. No one ever told it what to be. It never questioned who it was. The bird isn’t concerned about what other birds have. If it did, it wouldn’t be able to live as it does. It would be full of self doubt. It would fear leaving the nest. It would die in the nest. It would be practically caged. What a loss for the world, if the bird were never to spread it wings!

What I’m trying to accomplish is getting you back to your center. That can only be done through accepting you, and loving you as you are. You are a beautiful life. You are incredible in so many ways. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t accept the image society has forced you to swallow. You just have to peel back the masks society has sold you, and find the spark. We all have one. Look for it, and embrace it in the burning light of true self love.

In another post I will expand on steps to utilize in reclaiming yourself, and overcoming self doubt and other societal influences

Please do let me know if I manage to leave an impression on your life in anyway.
That’s the goal here. To make a positive impact on lives. To make the world brighter!

Swimming in the River of Importance

In my previous post I discussed how what’s important is RELATIVE TO YOU. Maybe some people were hoping for me to answer that question for them. This is the let down. I can’t ultimately answer that for anyone.

I can take you through the perspective that at the current moment is mine*
This may or may not be useful to you. You may have it all figured out. In either case I congratulate you. You’ve succeeded at something. You can decide if it’s a good thing. This river of importance stuff is a lot deeper than it seems. Yes you’ve been warned. It wasn’t the tip of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.
*All things subject to change.

Here we are. Individually swimming in the river of importance. You’re swimming in your river. I’m swimming in mine. Someone else may be drowning in theirs or drifting along on a raft. Now hold up. I thought you said we were the water and anything that helped us flow was important! Now you’re saying we’re swimming and some people may even be drowning? Who the hell has a raft?

This is where it gets a little ‘meta’
See we’re all in our own river of importance, but at the same time we all co-create a bigger river of importance. When I say we are ‘swimming’ I mean to say, as individual water droplets/molecules/etc flow in a river and make up the flow, they also swim in that river. So they simultaneously create the flow together, and swim in the flow. Likewise for us as part of the big river.

Now step back. Let’s all stand on the bank of this crazy river before anything gets too wild.
There is this big river of importance. It flows. Inside it are smaller rivers of importance (You and me) that flow/swim. On another level our individual rivers of importance are made up of water drops that flow/swim. This is similar to the layers of an onion. Just imagine a river with different currents all flowing together.

The river is contained by two banks. That’s because all the valuables, all that is important to us is within it (These banks don’t necessarily hold any cash!). Ask yourself what helps you flow? I’ll give you an easy one. Your health! Mental and physical both equally important. Beautiful food you can enjoy! Keeps you alive and healthy. Ironically water is also in the river of importance. Those are pretty straight forward.

What about relating to others? Yes of course. That’s all ‘in’ the river of importance, however it is present in the way you and I flow together in the ‘bigger’ river. Poor relating with others can drain us, or it can bloat our rivers out of balance. There are scenarios where people do not realize how they negatively affect others. This can lead to a destructive current for their river of importance.
That can be examined at a later date.

Now tell me this… You haven’t talked very much about material possessions man! Aren’t these things important? Well remember I can only give you my perspective. Given your situation there are material things that are required to a degree. It’s up to you to decide what is or isn’t. It all depends on how you want to live. Some might call it the lifestyle you choose. Remember importance is relevant to the individual. There are layers to all that too! Maybe a car is relevant if you want to work a certain job. The type of car? Again you decide what’s important. We make sacrifices. You can’t focus on every aspect. You can only pick what’s IMPORTANT and do your best.

I am proposing to you that material things at the core don’t hold the most significant value. Now if you enjoy rocking a sweet outfit, that’s chill. Nothing wrong with wearing some hip threads. Just try to remember what’s important. Don’t let these things crowd your river. If they fill it up, you won’t be able to flow your best. As long as you are healthy and finding some meaning in your situation you are likely to be doing great.



What’s Important?

I tried to answer this immediately.
I realized giving an answer to this question
immediately wasn’t that important.
That’s preposterous!
It’s the damn title of the post!
How could it not be immediately important?

Honestly I couldn’t answer it right away.
I realized that even if I had, a majority of people wouldn’t have heard my answer.
What do I mean they wouldn’t have heard it?
It’d be right there for them to read over and over.

I’m not calling anyone dumb.
I’m pointing out that we all have way too many thoughts
buzzing and zipping around in our head.
Have you ever sat down to have a meal in the morning?
Of course you have.

What goes on in your head?
“This tastes pretty good.”
“Imagine if I won the lottery?”
“I’ll die if I don’t eat food.”
“What am I doing?”
“Money, glory, and power.”
“Oh shit, breathe.”
“This table is blue.”
“Remember to breathe.”
“I don’t think the universe understands me.”
“Do you understand me!?”
“What the hell is today?”
“Why are beds so comfortable?”
“I’m not going to be the idiot today.”
“How did my life end up like this?”

It goes on and on.
It continues even as you move from location to location throughout the day.
So what am I getting at? I haven’t told you what’s important yet.
Clearly I’ve wasted everyone’s time here
by filling their head with my own selfish thoughts.

Well what does important mean? I’d say it is defined as having a high level of affect on a course of events or the nature of things. That is to say that when something is important it holds intrinsic value, or an inherent high level of meaning to a process, experience, life, person, etc.

So if I stated that Oxygen was important to life I’d be correct. WRONG.
What why? There is life on this planet that exists without the use of Oxygen that’s why!
Oh give me a break man. No! Importance is relative. Of course this all depends on the individual. We all see different things as important. So this whole time you’ve been telling me that the answer to “What’s Important?” is relative?
Yes that is exactly what I’ve been up to.

This just became impossible difficult.
Yes you have to take some responsibility (OWNERSHIP!) and decide what is important, relative to your life. I’ll start you off with breathing. Yes don’t forget that is important.

On a serious note! In my next post we can examine
some deeper points to ‘What’s Important?”

Examining Your Situation. How not to point fingers.

We all have those moments. It’s very easy to ‘jump’ to conclusions rather than realistically examine the situation. I mean we have to deal with all these emotions! Then form them into a cohesive message so others have a chance at understanding us. Talk about effort.

Well I’m here to get the word out. Go ahead and do that. You will have missed out on the best you can be though. Don’t worry you can sit back and blame everything that got in your way. It wasn’t like you wanted to fall short of your potential after all.

For those of you who may be interested in a best practice for examining any situation you might be in… read on.

Step 1. Calm the fuck down.
Seriously. You’re alive just like everyone else who isn’t dead.
If you want to make your best decision possible, you need to be cool.

Step 1.1 (Don’t know how to calm down?) Just breathe. 
Seriously inhale and realize you have air coming into your lungs.
Try to picture the whole process, and how cool that is.

At this point I’ve given you two easy things to do.
Consider that all you had to do was exist for a few seconds,
and then breathe which you’ve definitely been doing in your sleep your entire life.

Step 2. Don’t do anything rash. ( ie. don’t jump to conclusions)
I’m saying this from experience. Yes you only have on average 28,000 days to fuck up, but you can take a few moments to make sure you don’t rush into anything. If you do rush in and end up causing yourself stress and potentially harm, well you’ve effectively wasted more of those precious days.

You have to actually consider how you feel. In your situation/moment you are more often than not reacting. This reaction is not always almost never well considered. Once you have done this you can be more certain that what you will do next is a better decision.

Step 2.2 Wear their shoes for a moment. 
Realize that it often takes two to tango, unless you are really good at it
and then you can just go through the motions alone.
Which you will most likely be doing if you continue to ignore the other sides of your situations.

Don’t just blame them for seeing things ‘wrong.’
This is a fatal error of our human ways.
We think from our perspective and say, “Well this just doesn’t make any logical sense.”
By doing this you have failed to examine your situation.
You have to work with the other person, even if they are wrong. Of course we all make mistakes.
You might even discover that you indeed did something to help create your current situation.

3. Reassess. (Make the best decision you can)
You have now taken action to make sure you are in the best position to make a healthy decision.
Take all you’ve considered and act. Really. You have stepped back in awe at the beauty of life.
Whatever you decide from this point out will at least be more aligned with your individual desires.

Further Note:
There are some things to keep in mind while using this method for how not to point fingers.
It takes practice. With work you can process all these steps in REAL TIME.
That means as it’s erupting you can take action to prevent further damage.

From situation to situation you have to consider the length of time each step requires.
You may find that you have just got to get the fuck away from someone/situation in order to ‘Be Cool’ and just breathe. That’s perfectly fine. Unless you are on a plane. Then you just need to close your eyes. You get it though.

The whole point here is for you to figure out what is best for you and everyone involved.
It never grants any benefit to simply point the blame.

It is also important to consider the type of situation you are finding yourself in.
Is this a transaction or is it a relationship? Is this a one time thing or a recurring event.
All these must be considered when examining the situation for a best decision.

I’ve come to the long road of acceptance

After following realizations to its end,
Turning right or left, direction is no concern
I accept that change is not just inevitable or necessary;
in light or dark, it is.

Change is the only sure model we have.
Now in current, and in its next something will be different: becoming.
More sophisticated, complex – though simple to the wise eye of experience.

Still, it is no easier, always a challenge.
A push and pull of cosmic proportions,
scaling up to the highest, and down again to nothingness.

Change is a constant effort.
As soon as you are settled, you must already be on course to start again.
Each second to minutes, hours into days; with every breath you take.
Thought cannot dwell. It must become.
Anything stagnant in this dynamic universe will fade.

Momento mori, even the greatest stars know change.