Crypto-currencies; Blockchain Tech Boom

Since I last wrote on the subject Ethereum it has risen from $92.94 to a value of just over $251! more than doubled!

This is not the only cryptocurrency that has seen great growth. Coinbase added litecoin which grew and has held a stable price over the last month. There are many other coins on the crypto exchanges and I am looking into diversifying my holdings.

A couple coins I am watching keenly are Golem coin(GNT), Siacoin(SC), & NEM or New Economic Market (XEM). I think they show great promise and are all currently trading under 60 cents.

I will now outline the potential for a $1000 dollar investment in any of these.


The underlying concept of GNT is to utilize the blockchain technology to power a decentralized super computer for large projects that no one computer could process. All the computers on the network would complete the project and in turn receive a part of the fee paid to initiate it.

Currently Golem coin is trading at around 52 cents. A $1000 investment would purchase around 1900 Golem coins. if the price were to rise to $3 dollars this would give you $5700 an increase of 470%. Since this project has much potential I see it easily becoming worth $3 dollars or more.

The concept of Siacoin (SC) is decentralized cloud storage. If you run the SC network and have free space, you can rent out the storage space on your computer for a fee. Because it is decentralized your information is not in the hands of any one person and is thus safe and secure. It also allows people to take advantage of memory resources not being utilized.

Currently SC is trading at around $0.014710. This may seem much lower but the reason is there is a larger number of coins in circulation – however this does not preclude siacoin from seeing a nice rise in value. A $1000 investment would purchase about 67,980 coins.  obviously if siacoin reached even $1 in value you would see your money returned to you in leagues and leagues.

Lastly NEM or new economic market (XEM) is what I believe to be one of the most well developed cryptos out there. If anything the value of the coin is overlooked for others due to lack of marketing and the huge hype of other less substantial coins.

Currently NEM trades at about $.2189 meaning a $1000 investment would purchase 4560 coins. If it were to reach a $1 you would see your money grow nearly 356%

Of course this is all speculation at the moment, but I’m putting my money where my mouth is and expect to see at least 50% growth in the next year or less.

If you have any questions on crypto currencies please feel free to ask me and I will tell you what I know.

There are hundreds of coins out there but I suggest strongly looking into any you might purchase and assess them for value based on underlying concept and development team behind them.

I use Coinbase to purchase initially, and then I like to make exchanges on Changelly.

As far as exchanges go – I utilize Poloniex, mainly to store some of the altcoins that don’t yet have a good mobile wallet app or desktop wallet. For example I bought coins on Coinbase, made an account on poloniex, made an exchange for coins on changelly, sent payment to changelly from coinbase, and had the GNT sent to poloniex for storage.

A little confusing for now, but I’m sure it will be made easier in months to come.

Death to the Troll Box

Perhaps it was a thing too good for this Earth,

a place of good intention peppered with some evil eggs;

A wise eye giveth and the boom doth taketh away!

Where else on this earth could you go to the moon on a digibyte, or a doge, or a riecoin; 238,900 times per day your ticket was taking off, and if you had weak hands you lost.

Poloniex you’ve done something of a cruelty to this world

There was no greater spot to be, than a troll in the box; unless one had a bridge.

And now it is passed, the golden times has gone; but I say good days still lay ahead

Ahead we will only know, for better or for worse, how to hold our heads!


This is a lamentation written for the Troll Box on Poloniex as it was disabled indefinitely in order to relocate resources to more important matters. Arguably there were no matters above importance to what the Troll Box offered — but the Decision Maker has done just what it was they were chosen to do.


Things Are Different In The Morning

As of this post Ether (The digital crypto-currency of the Ethereum network) has reached new heights. $92.94! Growing astronomically since January of this year from about $1.00. This follows from a constant overall growth trend in the crypto currency space – everything is going up. Speculation surrounding the SEC weighing a decision to approve a fund to be traded in ETH (Ether) is abound and if it does it is sure to send strong price growth incentives throughout the financial sector.

Where will it go? Will it continue to rise? Good chance it may. It will certainly be interesting to follow the roller coaster ride!

Ethereum – Don’t Be A Dinosaur

“It cannot be seized, it cannot be frozen, it cannot be censored; my transactions cannot be intercepted, and they cannot be stopped. And I can do so with almost complete anonymity and so can anyone, five minutes after they download an application.” – Andreas Antonopoulos

Today I’m writing about something a lot of you probably have no idea about.  If you do, then excellent!

We are in a different age. Money is printed at the whim of governments that control purchasing power. This control often leads to volatility and in turn has lead many to lose everything. Money backed by nothing. What if you could hold the keys to your own bank? Access to your money securely and instantly at any time of day – able to send it instantly to whomever you’d like for fractions of what it would cost through the banks of today – enter stage left Blockchain technology – decentralized banking. I won’t get completely into it but I will link you to a great video that may give you insight into why this is so incredible.

I urge you to look into and learn about crypto-currencies. One such crypto (for short) is Ethereum. It’s value has gone from( 1 Ether for $1 USD ) to ( 1 Ether = $60 USD ) in four (4)months. To understand what this means, if someone had bought $1000 USD worth of Ether in January, they would now have close to $60,000 USD. For the lucky who could afford to put say $20,000 into it, they would have nearly a Million dollars today.

But it is so much more than just that… It is the future of money, an evolution in the way we exchange value. And to watch it as it goes from infancy to flourish is a beautiful thing.


Let’s be clear. What happens from here on out is not luck – I’ve told you. It has value because of it’s merits, because of the message it sends, the capabilities structured into it’s design – it’s ease and efficiency, security. If you don’t see the value in tha